Lift The Lip

At Butler Dental we like to offer parents advice as early as possible.

Prevention of dental disease (avoiding tooth decay and gum disease) is very achievable with the right care. We recommend lifting your child's lip each month to see their full teeth and gums.

Lift your child's lip every month to check their teeth and gums

Things to look for when you lift their lip are;

  1. Early decay -this appears as white chalky areas around the gum line and can be reversed if caught early enough but you need to see a dentist asap to help reverse the damage.
  2. Brown areas or decayed spots along the gum line. This needs urgent dental treatment asap to prevent increased damage or tooth loss.

health teeth

Heathy Teeth

early signs of tooth decay

Early signs of tooth decay - book an appointment now

advanced tooth decay

Advanced tooth decay - book an urgent appointment

Even if babies do not have teeth we recommend an appointment by age one. We not only look at their teeth, we look at gums, how their lips attach to gums and if children can easily breathe through their nose. Dental check ups every 6 months for children (and adults) is best. Helping you maintain healthy teeth and gums for the your life is our aim.


Lift the Lift Screening

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