Everything you need to know about Sleep Dentistry


Sleep dentistry is a form of sedation dentistry which is a great solution for anyone that experiences difficulties visiting the dentist. The patient is given medication that makes them sleep or feel sleepy to reduce pain and anxiety.

Sedation dentistry must be administered by an anaesthetist or dentist with specialist qualifications. Dentists with qualifications to perform sedation dentistry must be registered with the Dental Board of Anaesthesiology.

types of sleep dentistry

  • Laughing Gas

    Laughing Gas is Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and you breathe it in using a mask over your nose. It slows your nervous system and makes you feel more relaxed. You may feel sleepy, tingly, light headed, and your limbs may feel heavy.

  • Intravenous

    Medication is administered directly into your bloodstream via IV and you are made to feel relaxed. Many people don't remember the procedure after this form of sedation even though they don't actually fall asleep.

  • tablet or liquid solutions

    Tablets are sometimes taken by people before their dental visit to help them with anxiety - particularly if their health care professionals have advised them to do so. Some clinics may also administer liquid medications as an oral sedative.

  • General Anaesthetic

    This is typically the most expensive of the options. This is because it often requires a specialist anaesthetist to assist during your procedure. Some people may prefer this option if they get particularly distressed or the procedure is likely to be prolonged or complex.

at butler dental we offer

Laughing Gas


Who uses sleep dentistry

People who suffer from fear and anxiety regarding dental procedures will benefit most from sleep dentistry. This can include people who have had a bad experience with a dentist or dental procedure in the past. People who have a significant fear of pain can also benefit. This includes people with a fear of needles or procedures in general, or people with a low pain threshold. Sleep dentistry is also a great solution for a patient that has trouble staying still for a prolonged period of time – especially if the procedure is expected to take a long time.

Some forms of sleep dentistry can be used for children but most are only available for adults. Whether or not a form of sleep dentistry is right for you will depend on your general overall health, age, and medications you take. All this needs to be discussed before an option can be given to you.

procedures performed during sleep dentistry

Procedures performed can be anything from getting a filling to complex surgical procedures, like extractions.

Multiple procedures can be performed in the one appointment for people needing more than one thing done. Sedation can make a long appointment more comfortable, instead of going through multiple appointments to complete the work.

The procedures performed during a sleep dentistry appointment really depends on your individual needs. There is no right or wrong reason to choose sedation for yourself. We highly recommend discussing your options with our friendly dentists, no matter what you’re having done or why you’re considering sleep dentistry.

If you would like more information or to discuss your options with our lovely staff, please don’t hesitate to contact us and book an appointment.

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