Special Care Dentistry

At Butler Dental we focus on making your visit to the dentist a positive experience.

Our practice uses the latest technologies and treatment options to ensure the very best outcome no matter what your dental condition. People of all ages are welcome and we have care options for nursing home residents and those with special needs both physical and mental.

Butler Dental provides dental care for patients with special needs. Providing dental care to children with special needs such as autism, ADD or other behavioural disorder that complicates dental care.

We also care for patients who are ageing and taking more medications and faced with uncertain medical futures. People with disabilities are living longer lives and should expect access to the same quality of care that their able bodied friends enjoy at Butler Dental we have experienced dentists that can provide the quality of care for you.

Principal Dentist Dr Parul Bhatia has years of experience in Community Dental Services as well as the local surgical hospitals and prisons where she worked with anxious adult and child patients, patients with special needs and medically compromised patients. When opening Butler Dental Dr Parul wished to continue treating patients with special needs within the community of Butler and surrounding suburbs.

Patients needing dental surgery can be treated at Butler Dental without going to hospital. Different sedation techniques are available for people with a fear of dentistry or who would benefit from effective and powerful pain control.

Dr Parul has a special interest in sedation dentistry and is a member of ASDA (Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology). Sedation Dental, sometime referred to as sleep dental, can be highly beneficial for patients who are anxious or have special needs because treatment can be performed for longer periods of time and patients have little or no memory of procedures that have been performed.

Call our practice manger if you would like more information (08) 9562 7699 or send an email enquiry.

We look forward to treating you and your family members soon.