Dental anxiety

A previous negative experience can evoke feelings of anxiety and fear when visiting the dentist.

Our team at Butler Dental empathises with you and we understand that dental anxiety and phobia is highly prevalent. We are here to assist you and help you overcome your fear to meet your treatment needs. Our approach is gentle and caring.

Dr Parul’s caring and compassionate nature as well as her experience and qualification in sedation dentistry will ensure that your visit to Butler Dental is pleasant and comfortable.

We offer sedation dentistry at Butler Dental, this treatment option is ideal if you are anxious and phobic of dental treatment.

If you are particularly anxious of having a dental injection don't worry. We have invested in the Wand anaesthetic system. This is a pain free anaesthetic delivery machine that makes the process of having an injection much easier!

The Wand doesn't look threatening. It looks similar to a miniature computer tower. On top of the little tower sits a cartridge with local anaesthetic. A tube connects this to a pen-like hand piece that is used to deliver the anaesthetic. This does sport a very miniature, tiny needle but you will hardly notice it as it is so small. Researchers have found that the Wand induces less anxiety than any other injection method (kudo et al, 2001).

The device is controlled with a foot pedal to deliver the anaesthetic in a controlled and slow manner.

The precise control of flow rate and pressure reliably produces a comfortable injection even in potentially more difficult areas like the palate where the tissues is elastic.

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