Dental Screening prior to medical treatment.

Preventative dentistry is a priority for dentists at Butler Dental. This is never more important than when a person begins medical treatment for conditions that involve heart valve surgery, treatment for bone diseases such as osteoporosis or treatment of cancer.

Your doctor can refer you to us for a Dental Screening. Dental Screening detects any dental issues prior to treatment starting.

The two main reasons to detect issues in your teeth and gums prior to starting treatment are

  1. To reduce chance of infection moving from you mouth into your blood stream
    For example before undergoing heart valve replacement, it is important your mouth and teeth are healthy. This will reduce the risk of mouth infections and bacteria entering the blood stream. To make ensure your mouth is healthy, you will need dental screening before surgery.
  2. To reduce the damage of to your teeth, gums and jaw by treatment and medications.

An example of the the preventive strategy by Butler Dental for dental management of patients about to take medication containing bisphosphonate or undergo chemotherapy, radiotherapy or undergo heart valve surgery at

  • Referral by Doctor for dental assessment
  • Establish current dental fitness
  • Eliminate decay (caries)
  • Establish healthy gums (periodontium)
  • Commence therapy from your doctor
  • Regular checkups to monitor oral health with clinical examination radiology

The aim of dental screening before any medical treatment is to detect any potential dental health issues, maintain oral health and avoid extractions and dentures.