General Dentistry

Our dental services include General Dentistry to help you improve your overall dental health. 

As a new patient to Butler Dental we will thoroughly examine your soft tissues and teeth. We personalise treatment plans to suit your needs and have a strong belief in prevention so regular visits are encouraged.

Oral Surgery

Many procedures done here at Butler Dental are considered oral surgery and patients that require such procedures can be booked for the procedure without the inconvenience of being put on a waiting list for treatment.


Emergencies dental instances can involve the loss of a filling or damaged tooth, severe toothache, a swollen face, or trauma from an injury to the teeth and mouth.

If you have toothache for longer than one or two days, you should see us as soon as possible to have it treated. The longer you leave it, the worse it will get. 

Emergency dental services are an important part of what we offer, so you can feel confident your local dentist has the skills, knowledge and equipment to help when you need it.

Anxiety and Sedation Dentistry

At Butler Dental, we understand that a previous negative experience can evoke feelings of anxiety and fear when visiting the dentist – that’s why it’s included in our dental services.

Our team at Butler Dental empathises with you and we understand that dental anxiety and phobia is highly prevalent. We are here to assist you and help you overcome your fear to meet your treatment needs. Our approach is gentle and caring.

Child Dental Health

As a team we have a keen interest in Paediatric Dentistry. Most of our staff have children of their own and understand what it means to offer a caring, nurturing and friendly service to your child.

We offer a full range of preventative and general dentistry for children, with the option for sedation if needed.


Give us a call and ask us about what we can do for you with regard to dentures.